Trancingine3D Proposal

Trancingine3D is an OpenGL based 3D game engine. It will assist game developers to develop 3D games using few resources of the system. Unlike other game engines like CryEngine, unreal and unity 3D, it does not require any expensive GPU in a system of both developer and video gamer.

The vision behind the development of Trancingine3D is to give users an opportunity to pursue in-game development even without the non-availability of resources like GPU and graphic cards. So that the maximum number of people would be able to shape their game ideas into reality.

Trancingine3D Introduction

High definition graphics games like Halo, Metro: The Last Light and GTA require a great deal of processing power. That is the reason why GPU was introduced and keep on improving day by day. Companies producing such games put more focus on developing high definition graphics and less focus on memory management.


Trancingine will provide enough resources to game developers to develop high graphics games along with memory efficiency. It will use only a processing power of CPU by using a cross-platform library of OpenGL.

The final deliverable of this project will be a 3D game engine that developers might use to create gaming apps or video games for multiple platforms such as Android, IOS, Windows and firmware for game consoles(such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo). Along with the game engine, we will develop our own arcade game to demonstrate the world of transingine.

Relevance to course modules

1. Computer Graphics

Our project will cover various modules of BCS that we have studied so far. We have put our main focus on Computer Graphics. By using the concepts and skills of Computer Graphics we will be able to achieve the aforementioned milestones. It includes the creation of certain graphics, rendering mechanisms and texture implementation of graphics.

2.Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

As we are making use of an open-source library of OpenGL, in order to implement all of its features to fulfill desired functionalities we should have sound knowledge of OOP. So, we will utilize all the knowledge we have acquired throughout in our BCS. It includes inheritance and polymorphism.

3 Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Design and analysis of algorithms have played one of the most significant roles in our project development. We have implemented several algorithms in our project so far such as Brenham’s line algorithm and Brenham’s circle algorithm. We are hoping to use all possible algorithms in the future development of Trancingine.

4 Human-Computer Interaction

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) taught us to develop interfaces as simple as possible so that a wide range of users feel unhesitant to use a particular product.

5 Systems Programming

In systems programming, we have been taught about usage of system calls and acquiring system resources. We will use such knowledge to use main memory of the system and other components which Trancingine will be needing.  


  • Glut toolkit for OpenGL
  • The visual studio as the compiler
  • 3D Maya for animation
  • Adobe Lightroom to remove flaws of animations
  • Virtual Pixel Shader for 2D image reconstruction to 3D

Literature Review

Gaming engines like unity 3D, unreal engine, cry engine and other viral engines are providing the best possible graphics that developers could have. But the problem exists when they do not consider scarce resources of developers and video gamers. This trend forces the user to update their system’s specs day by day.

Apple Inc. is working so far to develop such apps for IOS which are memory efficient. They also use a technique of image recreation for applying shader effect. Apple uses the technique of time coalescing to create tiny periods of idle time that allow CPU to enter a low-power state. The app nap feature of IOS stops the loss of power behind the scene when working with multiple applications.

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In light of our project’s literature review, in order to get onboard into the field of gaming engine or video game development, our product should be unique enough. This uniqueness could be achieved if we are able to manage system resources efficiently.

By only considering the system’s main memory and processor, does not mean we have achieved our milestone. As it might lead to the slow overall performance of the machine, we ought to manage system resources as much efficient as possible. So that it would not put too much impact on the rest of the applications.        

This would assist maximum possible gadgets or devices to support games developed on Trancingine. Memory efficiency might a big edge to our product.     

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