Complete Process to check Subject Wise University List Under CSC Scholarship 2024

Many Students facing problems finding Subject wise University List Under CSC Scholarship. If you are looking for Chinese universities to apply for CSC scholarships or University scholarships then this guide will help you to a step-by-step process.

Process of Subject Wise University List Under CSC Scholarship

Step 1:

Goto Campus china Website –>

Step 2:

Find the “Universities & Programs” in the Menu bar then Select “Search Categories & Programs”

subject wise list page 2

When you click “Search Categories & Programs” you can see this kind of screen.

subject wise university page 3

Step 3:

When you click degree you can see the drop-down menu. Select your degree program accordingly.


Step 4:

When you click “Instruction Language” you can see two options English & Chinese. For Example, if you want to do your Master’s Degree in English then select English or if you want to complete your degree in Chinese then select Chinese.

Step 5:

Then you see the “Province” & ” University” Option leave it blank.

Step 6:

Then you can see the “Program” Option. Please type your desire Program for example Chemistry or Physics then click the search button.


subject wise university page 5

These steps help you to find:

  • Univeristy name
  • Progarm
  • Degree
  • Duration
  • Taught Language
  • Per year Tutiton fee in RMB ( if you want to apply for self funding)

Note: if you want to check the complete list of programs offered by a particular university then follow the above steps then click any university name.

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