In this project (Shopit Proposal), we have created an online shopping website that allows Pakistani customers to find out deals on American websites which they don’t found in Pakistan’s online shopping stores. This system shall allow users to search deals from our website that they need and can compare them as well. Customer will see all the deals alongside with products that are available on different shopping websites there specially American website. Customer can also keep their credit with us in dollars. They can see how much Dollar they have or withdraw credit from system and, they can check how much amount is remaining in the system. The customers will be able to place an order by selecting the desired product using the proposed web portal. The system shall accurately maintain a list of all the deals and current amounts of dollars according to Pakistan rupees for a user to view. The website will be MVC based and shall be using ASP .NET language for development and using SQL SEVER as a Database service.

Introduction Shopit Proposal

Time has been changed and now people are tended to shop online rather than to go out to the stores and look for their desired items in different stores wasting too much time. With online shopping stores people now not only save a great amount of time and get their desired products easily. Now deals are very hot topic when you talk about online shopping. Another reason why people are moving towards online shopping is that they are looking for exciting deals in which they get their desired products with discounted price. If we talk about online shopping in Pakistan, then we can say that now people here as well started moving towards online shopping.
Although people still go out for shopping, but the trend is now changing. Customers here in Pakistan also looks for deals and unfortunately, they hardly get good deals because of several reasons. Shopit aims at providing shopping products from American websites for Pakistani customers. Shop provides exciting deals directly from American online shops to Pakistani customers. All the deals from different online shops are first fetched and stored at the Shopit database. Then all those deals are regularly posted on Shopit website where Pakistani customers can see them. Customers here in Pakistan can post orders and Shopit system will generate bill in dollars w.r.t to order including shipping price. The orders are then forwarded to American online shopping store. The American website that we have used initially are, NewEgg Marketplace, Shipment is very important process in whole system and Shopit guarantees fast, steady and reliable shipping service for orders delivery. The system also allows customers to communicate real time with Shopit representative for their queries. For the owners of system, it allows to carefully analyze and generate
different type of reports and graphs i.e. sales, revenue, order graphs and reports for analysis purpose.Payment of order is necessary part of online shopping. It is really a problem for customer who don’t carry dollars with them to pay their order bill in dollars. For this purpose, Shopit will allow our Customers to keep their money within system. So that they don’t have to worried about currency because customers can deposit money in rupees and Shopit system keep it in system w.r.t latest dollar rate. Similarly,customers can withdraw their credit anytime. If the value of dollar raises anytime and
customer wants to withdraw money, then the profit is divided between customer and our system with respect to set percentage i.e. 10%.


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