Our main Shopit objective is to allow our Pakistani customers to get more and more exciting deals that they can’t found on Pakistani online stores. Not only our Pakistani people will get latest deals but also, they can keep their money that is dollar converted in to our accounts so that they can directly pay from it when they shop in future.

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Main Objective of Shopit

The main objectives are listed below.

• A complete web-based shopping website.

• Provide a Friendly User Interface.

• Shopping service for our customers.

• A soft currency system for Pakistani customers.

• Develop the system with the latest technology and trends.

Shopit Problem Statement

In current era, people are moving towards online shopping. Although in foreign countries all the shopping system is now online, and the trend is also changing in Pakistan. People in Pakistan usually attracted towards online shopping because of deals and discount offers. But unfortunately, Pakistani online shops don’t offer exciting deals regularly. They often offer deals when the stock is old or when it is a festival or important day coming like Christmas, Black Friday. Not only this after when customer orders products from foreign shops or local online shops they get their products with opened packing and sometimes original accessories are also replaced by replica ones. Shipment is also a problem sometimes orders get delivered too late and customer keeps waiting for their orders.

Shopit Project Scope

From the previous recent years, technological advancement is increasing steadily, and all the shopping is now being shifted online. No need to go out to stores for shopping. Especially the tech market is very hot place for shopping in online stores now a days. The motivation behind the idea of Shopit is to plan, design, build, and implement an online Shopping store for Pakistani customers with a soft currency system which will help Pakistani customers in getting great, exciting deals from American stores and a system to pay bills from stored credit. The focus on this website is on tech gadgets. System will let admin managing Customer’s accounts and let them see customer’s all orders list. System will also let admin to take actions and manage customer reports. The system will let customers see products, its details, order it and can give reviews & ratings for it. The system will also let customer to use and save dollars in their accounts and ability to manage their accounts. All the transaction will be done after logging into Shopit customer account.
What is not included in Shopit system for now is types of products. That is, we will be initially targeting some specific products from American online shops. Shopit will be developed on localhost and later it will be shifted onto the domain


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