Shopit Literature, Currently, we have different website that provides shopping and shipping services. On the other hand, various currency exchange websites that are currently dealing with customers for money exchange.

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Shopit Literature Examples


PkShip is a Pakistani website that provide services like ours. They purchase product from American stores and ship it to you. The only drawback in this website is, customers first must visit original website from which they want to purchase product and then they give that web link to PkShip and they purchase it and deliver it. Whereas in our system we will be providing all the products, deals at our own web page so customer don’t have to search products at different websites.

2. Alibaba

Alibaba provides different products from different websites for its customer. It also let customer select supplier by region. But only flaw in Alibaba is that their shipping service is not good enough and good deals are not often provided to customers. We in our system will be providing different deals from various American website so that customer can take advantage of those deals. And shipping service will be made efficient so that customer will not have to wait much.

3. is a Pakistani eCommerce website. Their mission is to enable simple cross-border ecommerce with technology and unique payment solutions. But still in this website you must go for a product in a query then it will return you results. Whereas in our system we will be providing all latest deals, so customers don’t have to search through product. They will get product category. So, the basic difference here will be of user friendliness.


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