Shopit Functional Requirements Part 3 for Computer Science students for their Final Years project.

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Shopit Functional Requirements Part 3 Details


Req. No. Non-Functional Requirements
NFR02-01 Post Release defects of the system must not exceed 1 critical bug per month.
NFR02-02 Post Release bug fixing should not take more than 5 hours.


Req. No. Non-Functional Requirements
NFR03-01 System must provide access to authorized users only that enter through the login module.
NFR03-02 System must not provide access to ANY user EXCEPT the customer itself to update the database.
NFR03-03 No customer can view data of any other customer through any report or views provided by the system.
NFR03-04 After the end of a customer Session, no information must be saved anywhere on the client machine.

Disaster Recovery

Req. No. Non-Functional Requirements
NFR04-01 In case of client /server crash all information/data should be recoverable within 30 minutes of the incidence.


Req. No. Non-Functional Requirements
NFR05-01 We will never damage the privacy of any customer, seller. A user will never be allowed to access the data of another user.

NFR06: Quality

Req. No. Non-Functional Requirements
NFR06-01 System would be well structured and will meet the quality standards.
NFR06-02 By using MVC quality standard will be improved.


Req. No. Non-Functional Requirements
NFR07-01 Backup of that running website will be on another server. Every week system will generate backup.


Req. No. Non-Functional Requirements
NFR08-01 Help documentation must be complete in providing information about each module and functionality provided by the system.
NFR08-02 Help option must be easily accessible on all system web pages.
NFR08-03 Help must be written using minimal technical terms; any technical terms used must be additionally defined at the end of the document

Update Deal

Req. No. Functional Requirements
FR27-01 The system shall provide interface to Seller to update deal/product ad. 
FR27-02 The system shall allow admin to update deal/product details and images. 

Delete Deal

Req. No. Functional Requirements
FR28-01 The system shall provide interface to Seller to delete deal/product ad. 


Req. No. Non-Functional Requirements
NFR01-01 Average load time of the starting page of the system must be less than 4 second.
NFR01-02 Average processing time taken by the system to complete a transaction/request should be less than 10 seconds.
NFR01-03 System Mean Time to Failure should not be more than 60seconds within 24 hours of use.
NFR01-04 Average system response time should not be greater than 5 seconds.
NFR01-05 System must successfully run on a client machine with 256 MB RAM or above.
NFR01-06 200 Customers should be able to simultaneously access the system and update the database.

End of Shopit Functional Requirements Part 3.


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