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Review Hub dynamic and interactive web application that will provide professional reviews of products according to the Pakistani market. Reviews serve as a luxury to people by not risking to buy a product with no knowledge about it or known performance. With this luxury available online on a lot of platforms, a need was unfulfilled regarding the local Pakistani market. None prominent or solitary platform is in place to tackle and respond according to the local trends and psyche of customers. Where this web application will reflect according to the trend among major in-demand categories. With mobile phones, movies, food, and tech gadgets and devices as categories in which reviews will be posted by hired food critics, film critics and technology enthusiasts. All these hired proficient will have their own ranks ranked according to the quality of their reviews.
The scope of this project in terms of users is certainly people living in Pakistan. Whereas in terms of services needed, as it is a web-based app, there is no abnormal service needed for it.

Introduction Review Hub

The web application will serve as lively place to help and become a trusted consultee for people to find the right product for them. The help and trust come from the comfort of being aware of the product and getting satisfaction after buying it.      The reviews help a lot as they may be by different people who have already experienced or used a product in different scenarios or conditions that might match the potential buyer and serve as how well the product might suit him.

The functionality of the web application has two side of flow, one worked by the reviewers (administrators) and the second by the end-user availing the service.

The application works as such that each category will have one administrator. Each will select and have his own team of reviewers under his category. These reviewers will post reviews about products. Each review can have his unique bio telling his style of reviews and expertise.

The user will sign up to have his own feed page. Users can visit the category page or follow specific reviewers to make their posted reviews appear on the feed page. Users can comment and give ‘thumbs up/down’ sort of rating to contenders to increase their rank. Users can send a request for a particular review or suggestion to a specific reviewer or category in general. The reviewers rank will be evaluated by user feedback and based on administrators’ given badges.

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There will be a mechanism to check if the reviewers are posting plagiarized reviews or fake/wrongly reviews. The very basic check is steam-like method, if a review gets too many thumbs down it will be flagged as suspicious. Other methods include the repetition of review wording and Turnitin like a system of cross-checking it off the internet if already available.

Recognized stakeholders in this application and service’s zone are users/potential product buyers, vendors, product companies, sellers, restaurants, cinemas and reviewers.

Architectural Diagram

Motivation and Scope Review Hub

What motivated us was observing that people ask for suggestions and recommendations before plunging their hand into a product. But there was a need of such platform due to the vast amount of reviews not based on Pakistani market and according to the Pakistani psychological mindset.

The main scope with respect to end-users of this project is the Pakistani market and to facilitate people of all classes and mindset. Platform scope is a web with future work in smartphone field with requirement’s to increase according to the platform.

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Goals and Objectives Review Hub

Our goals and objectives for this project are to make Responsive and Interactive web applications, and also we want to provide complete and functional service for reviews regarding the Pakistani Market.

We will provide complete and structured administration, Complete and structured data for majority products in Pakistani Market. Our aim is to make all the information an authoritative resource regarding reviews.

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