Deliver Maintenance

Deliver Maintenance – Proposal for Computer Science

This project Deliver Maintenance depends on delivering maintenance through an android application. The application will be designed in such a way that it actually provides Electrical Services at homes. Just to demonstrate the nature of our Final year project we have initiated our application’s structure with the electrical domain only but we have also considered …

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Trancingine3D Functional Requirements

Trancingine3D Functional Requirements

Trancingine3D Functional Requirements for the project proposal. Trancingine3D Functional Requirements FR01: Creation of environments Req. No. Functional Requirements FR01-01 Trancingine3D must provide game developers a facility to create an environment in a particular scene. FR01-02 The availability of a wide range of environments should be provided by Trancingine3D. These ranges must be distinguished with each …

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Trancingine3D Proposal

Trancingine3D is an OpenGL based 3D game engine. It will assist game developers to develop 3D games using few resources of the system. Unlike other game engines like CryEngine, unreal and unity 3D, it does not require any expensive GPU in a system of both developer and video gamer. The vision behind the development of Trancingine3D is to give users an opportunity to pursue in-game …

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Review Hub

Review Hub

Review Hub dynamic and interactive web application that will provide professional reviews of products according to the Pakistani market. Reviews serve as a luxury to people by not risking to buy a product with no knowledge about it or known performance. With this luxury available online on a lot of platforms, a need was unfulfilled …

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