Requirement Elicitation for Clinix

           In this application, in order to collect the requirements, we use the group Facilitation techniques from among the list

You can check the Clinic Introduction ( Click here )

  1. The First one is Unanimity
  2. The Second one is Majority
  3. The Third one is Plurality
  4. The fourth on is Dictatorship

We had used unanimity (to get every team member agree on this project) We used the Delphi Technique we arranged a meeting with our supervisor Mr.Shahid Bhatti and invited the senior faculty member of Comsats Institute of information and Technology Lahore campus Mr.Abid Sohail Bhutta in presence of all team members we presented our concept to them and asked for any particular requirements that must be present in our clinix project the rough sketch of requirements that were obtained during that specific session as are follows:

Most of the people don’t have enough time for a routine checkup you should facilitate the patients by providing a common platform for the patient and doctor and save their time.

 From this general concept we extracted our requirements by using Requirements Elicitation Techniques separated the wishes and wants and extract the Functional requirements. and in order to test our requirements to took the print out to two different persons of Management Sciences department and they both after reading the requirements concluded the same idea our requirements are Attached as SRS below.

Product Functions

  1. Doctor can Perform following functions
  2. View the appointments for selected date
  3. Open the appointment
  4. Cancel the appointment
  5. View patient’s previous medical record
  6. Add prescriptions
  7. Add vaccinations 
  8. Make Video Call
  9. Admin can Perform following functions
  10. Register doctors to Clinix application
  11. Edit doctor’s profile
  12. Delete doctor’s profile
  • Access doctor’s performance by Graphs
  • Respond to blood requests
  • View Doctor Schedule
  • User/Patient can perform following functions
  • Registration to Clinix application
  • Find a doctor of the required category
  • Book an appointment
  • Online Payment
  • View prescription
  • Send blood request
  • Get vaccination notifications
  • View appointment status
User Level of Computer Knowledge Level of Business Knowledge Frequency of use
Admin Good knowledge of window-based application Good understanding of the application process Daily basis
Doctor Good knowledge of window-based application Good understanding of the application process Daily
    Patient Basic knowledge of the window-based application Have the capability of learning the system quickly Can follow the instructions given by the software system Use only when he/she wants to see a doctor.


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