Literature Review

As it is very important to understand the basic functionality of the system like how things work with these kinds of systems how to handle the situations what kind of problems we’ll be expecting during our implementation. We have gone through many different systems (Which are mentioned below) to find a breaking point that what common functionalities are still missing in the medical systems which can help the people to make it easier for them, we analyzed these systems to find some missing unique features that we’ll mention in our Functional Requirements section.

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Requirement Analysis for Clinic

Nexus Pharma

Nexus Pharma is a Pharmaceutical business enterprise focusing now not best in splendor, but also in medicinal packages. We as an organization in South Korea reaching out to each domestic and worldwide clients, we additionally focus on medical tourism, delivering services to clients around the world who prefer the top Korean clinical packages.

Provide a range of providers with just a click of a button. After we get hold of a reservation, considered one of our coordinators will assist you plan out your whole tour, from deciding on your lodges to figuring out which clinics you will go to. Our coordinators will make sure to assist you each step of the manner and make sure that your needs are surely communicated along with your doctors. When it comes to deciding on your medical doctors, you’ll have the closing choice.

Memorial Health Care System

Memorial Health-Care System provide different type of health services to the residents of Florida. It provides Surgery and different other facilities for their patients. Memorial Health-Care System first understand their patient culture their standards and then it deals with according to ensure to provide cheap health services for residents of Florida according to their patient situation.

Massachusetts General Platform

Massachusetts General Platform provides health services to their patients. In this General Hospital many different departments and centres are available which serve their patients according to their disease. Patient will book their appointments according to their disease and patient will be referred to their respective department. They provide health care training for their future professionals.

Indiana University Health Services

Indiana University Health Service provides different type of health services for their patients like Cancer, Primary Care, Sports Medicine, Transplant, Women’s Health, Heart & Vascular Care, Neurology and Orthopaedics services. Patient first visit their website and then he will select their medical services he wants to avail and he will book appointment.

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Hospital is no 1 hospital and their staffs is also no 1 in the nation and they provide care if anyone needs healing. Patient can visit their site and can book their appointments easily through their website. Patient will select their disease category by choosing alphabets and will set appointment. Doctor will respond according to patient disease.

University Hospital Zurich

University Hospital is working for their patients 24 hours, It is best site for their patients to book their appointments in Zurich hospital online. Patient will fill complete form and then he will submit this form appointment request will send to their respective doctor. Patient can take picture of their effective part and can send to doctor for their disease. Lab tests are also available and patient can see online their tests.

Family Planning Services

Family planning is one of the best website for male and woman’s who are married. They provide best services for their visitors regarding to life after marriage.

Family Planning is site for married couples. They work for every type of gender and nationality holders. Couples can visit their site for their after marriage problems. Online appointments’ patient can also book if you are fewer than 22 years then your appointment will be free. They provide many products regarding to marriage online. Their visitors can also book their products online. If you not want to book appointment, you can read their advice in advice panel and you can find everything regarding to after marriage problems. Patient can also get help through their advice section. You can also donate money through online procedure.

Health Navigator

Health Navigator is best site for those patients of New Zealand who wants to live healthy life and who wants to get knowledge about different disease and their solution. They include from disease problem to their solutions with medicines, disease prevention and health care guidelines through website.

Health Navigator is best site for New Zealand patients who provide online services for their visitors. Website have health many in which different type of diseases are present and we can check these disease why they occur and how we can present through different physical activities and through medicines. In this site a medicine section also present in which different medicine are present if visitor patient will confuse about medicine then he can visit this section and every medicine description is available how and when we can use these medicines. Online booking appointments services are not available only we can get guidelines about different diseases and their solutions online.

Hamad Medical Corporation

Hamad Medical Corporation is best site for Qatar visitors it is non-profit organization. It manage eight different hospitals in Qatar and it provides ambulance and home health services.

This website Health Navigator is best site for Qatar residents it provides health services . patient can visit this site and can find specific doctor for specific disease. Doctor can also check their patient records, their bills information and their disease type. Doctor will provide referral in case of visiting consultants appropriate.

Once you got referral then you can referral according to visit schedule.

Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai is a big hospital network in New York and it was formed in 2013. Mount Sinai contains seven different hospitals in this network, which serve different patients according to their disease through their website.

This website is working for different type of patients. Patient can book their appointment through by name or by their disease type. Patient can select their current location and nearby Mount Sinai hospital will show to him. Different type of disease and guideline will show to patient.

Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic website is for patients of United States. It provides high quality services to their patients. They provide better service to sick, they investigate real problem, and then they guide who will solve this problem.

This website is for to get health services. Health library is present in this site which help to select specific disease and complete article will show to patient about their disease video tutorials are also available are different type of diseases. Patient can find their doctor by their Name their specialty or from their location. Patient can check their appointment checklist their billing records and he can online pay their bill. Visitors can live chat with website representative for online help.

Ann And Robert H.Lurie Childern’s Hospital

Ann And Robert H.Lurie hospital is located in Chicago. This hospital is specialist for children’s who have disease problems.  it is ranked no 1 in pediatric specialties in this region.

This website is for to get health services for children. In Chicago region this is no 1 hospital for children’s. Four different hospital work under this hospital. Child family can find doctor in this website and they can select location for treatment. We can get medical records of child by online through this website child family can print their medical record and can get copies of medical records of their children.

Baylor Scot And White Health

Baylor Scot and White health website is best for the residents of US. They can visit this website for their treatment by fixing appointment with doctors. Through this website patient can book their appointment by phone or by online visiting this website. Patient can get all of their medical records through this site and can chat with the doctor. Patient can get bill online, blood bank also available patient can get blood through visiting this website.

Rush Services [14] is website where patient can get best health services. Visitors section is available in this website new visitors can get full help through this website where is visitors lounge what are visitor hours and policies their safety and security at which direction they can park their vehicle. Patient section also available for booking their appointments online and search for specific doctor about their disease. Patient can see their bill records in this website. Video library and quick guides also available for visitors of this site.

John Hopkins Medicines

John Hopkins Medicines [15] site is best for residents of Maryland. Patient can login to their profile and can get better health services. Patient can book their appointment online. Patient can attend online seminars about different type of health diseases. Seminars notification will also be available in patient login. Visitors can also attend these seminars and they can reserve their seat online.  Before booking appointment patient can check specific doctor related to their disease. Different patient stories/experience about their services   also available in this site for upcoming visitors.


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