How to Find any Professors Email List for CSC Scholarship 2025

Mostly Students facing problems finding Professors Email List for Acceptance Letter Under CSC Scholarship or University Scholarship. In this guide Step through step process, you can easily find the Professor’s email list.

Step by Step Professors Email List for CSC Scholarship

Method no 1 ( Easy Method)

Step 1:

Shortlist your universities names that you want to find email list for acceptance letter.

This article helps you to find a Subject Wise University List Under CSC Scholarship

Step 2:

Go to then type your university name.

For example, I want to find a professor email list for “Chongqing University.”

Step 3:

After that, you see this page.

Note: when you open any link must check the domain name ends with “”

then click “Faculties and Schools”

find Email list example

You can open any link to check the faculty list of different departments.

find Email list example 2

Method 2:

This method is a little bit complex. For example, I want to find the “Nankai University” Faculty Email list.

Important Note: This Method only works in ” Google Chrome”

Step 1:

Go to then type ” Nankai University”

Step 2:

Open the first link end with “”.

When you open the link, you see this type of screen. Click the Chinese Language as mentioned in the Screenshot.

When you click this button, you see the Chinese version of the website. I know you don’t understand the Chinese language.

Follow the steps to translate the page into English:

Click anywhere on the Nankai university website –> Right Click –> then Click ” Translate into English”

Step 3:

Then you have to check each menu to find out “Department Menu.”

find Email list example 4

Some Universities Email List for Acceptance Letter

UniversityFaculty List
East China Normal University
South china university of science and technology
Beijing Normal University
Northwest normal uni
Fudan University
Hainan Normal University
Sihuan University
Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Nanjing University
Henan University of Technology (HAUT)
Sunyatsun University
Dalian University of Technology
Chongqing Medical University

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