Number Plate Detection and Recognition project targets on the recognition and verification of the number plate of a vehicle, to check its authentication. We will be extracting the number plate’s number and checking via web API, to authenticate it. In the authentication process, we will check whether the number plate exists or not and the person actually owns the vehicle number plate or not. After this, we will store ID card number data into our database system and use it for verification purposes.


This project is based on development of an android app which will help in vehicle recognition along with verification of the owner. First of all we will use haar-cascades for detection of number plate of vehicles. In haar cascades we will take positive images (number plates of vehicles) and negative images (anything other than number plates). By using these images we will make haar-cascade of number plates which will be used for detection of the number of vehicle.

To get information about the vehicle and its owner we will generate API of MTMIS website which contains following information about any vehicle of Punjab: Registration number, Chassis number, Engine number, Make name, Registration date, Model, Vehicle Price, Color, Token tax paid details, Owner  Name, Father name and  Owner city. This API will be generated using Web Crawler.

To verify the owner’s name with the currently available person we will use the identification card of the person. We will extract identification card number by storing it in the database. We will use all these technologies and merge them with android, to make it portable to use.

Motivation and Scope

The online system couldnot be used for real time usage. Where we can just note the number of the number plate and authenticate its user, so we wanted to make it portable as a mobile app which can be used anytime anywhere for identification and authentication. In this we can save further ID card information of a user which is not available n any website, just the name of the owner is mentioned there. So, we want to extend the application and usage of the service.

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Related Work

There is a website of Punjab government (MTMIS) where we can get information of a specific numberplate which are stored in the database of registered vehicles and their respective number plates. Haar-cascades of number plates of other countries are also available on the internet.

System Architecture

Goals and Objectives

Our goals and objectives are to make a portable app which will be easy to use and generate results on the spot. This can gather further data of the owner of the vehicle as well, like ID card information. Another objective is t verify the owner which will be beneficial for security purposes


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