Non Functional Requirements

Functional Requirements are basically those requirements that our system will perform.

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Non-Functional Requirements    NFR01: Performance

NFR01-01 Average load time of the beginning page of the framework must be under 2 second.
NFR01-02 Average time taken by the system to finish an exchange/demand ought to be under 10 seconds.
NFR01-03 System Mean Time to Failure should not be more than 60seconds inside 24 hours of utilization.
NFR01-04 Average system response time should not be more prominent than 5 seconds.
NFR01-05 System should effectively keep running on a customer machine with 256 MB RAM or above.
NFR01-06 100 users ought to have the capacity to at the same time put the solicitations.    NFR02: Security

NFR02-01 System must give access to approved clients just that enter through the Verified sign in..
NFR02-02 System must not give access to ANY client EXCEPT the assigned client to refresh the database.
NFR02-03 No client can see information of some other client through any report or perspectives gave by the application.
NFR02-04 After client session is finished, no data must be spared anyplace on the customer machine.    Defect Maintenance

NFR03-01 Post Release imperfections of the application must not surpass 1 basic bug for each month.
NFR03-02 Post Release bug settling should not take over 5 hours.    NFR04: Documentation

NFR04-01 Help documentation must be finished in giving data about every last module and usefulness gave by the application.
NFR04-02 Help option must be effectively open on all application pages.
NFR04-03 Help must be written using minimal technical terms; any technical terms used must be additionally defined at the end of the document    Disaster Recovery

NFR05-01 In instance of customer/server crash all data/information ought to be recoverable inside 30 minutes of the rate.

 Assumptions and Constraints

  • The application needs an active internet connection.
  • The Clinix can potentially have hundreds of users around the world. It is not possible to provide a special training to everyone on how to use the application. Therefore, the system should be designed for easy to use, providing help instructions, and appropriate error messages for invalid user inputs.


Clinix: A system designed to provide ease to doctors as well as to patients to automate the manual system of Appointments and Meditation by the doctors to patients.

Patient: A person who is not feeling well as wanted to see a doctor or a person who is conscious about his/her health and visits for regular checkup.

Doctor: The specialist to deal with Patient’s diseases.

Receipt: The print out of the total bill of the treatment.

Admin: A person who can control the Patient appointments as well as Doctor’s schedules.

Treatment: Any curing of the disease will be Treatment.

Virtual Appointment: Appointment by video calling between doctor and Patient.

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