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This earth is our home. Humans are our family members. We cannot let anyone sleep hungry. Let’s change the world! Food Donor project is an android application which is a platform for the people to donate daily routine extra food which they wasted in no manners. Our aim is to reduce food waste and feed the hungry people. People can use this application to donate their foods or to collect food for hungry people. Millions of lives are starving for food around us, have a Tap to feed life. Let’s work together to bridge the gap and reduce hunger and food waste in our beloved country.

Introduction Food Donor

Food Donor is an android application that provides opportunities to people to donate food easily even they don’t need to search a hungry one. This app allows a layman to use technology for their ease in an efficient way. Integrated maps will be used in this application which automatically gets the location of the person who wants to donate food and display the location of the person who requests for the food. Using location data, the app matches between the donor and a nearby organization to collect food. This app allows a layman to use technology for their ease in an efficient way.

Users can share the food with available Charity services. Users can find Charities near to the location and can deliver themself, the user will get the root map assistance to a charity which will easy to reach the location. Otherwise, all the users need to do is upload the food images in the app and immediately all the volunteers will get a notification and will contact you to pick up the food and serve to charity, the user can also track the status of food up to delivery. Those who ready to act as a volunteer can register as a volunteer in the app itself and can collect food from different donors and serve to Charity.

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Donate Food

In this module, the user add food items and will submit the request which will be shown in both food and receive modules.

Receive Food

Receivers may be NGO or Food banks and also a poor man who know the use of mobile, can request himself for food. The screen show the different variety of food and user can request for food. Also Volunteer can request for food and he can perform his tasks accordingly.

Donate Money

User have two options in this module, he or she can donate for our application or for charity bank.

Hunger Spot

NGO’s location can be added by the user in the map. As well as user can view the location in a nearby area.

Food Delivery Service

If the needy cannot collect food himself then the team of our volunteers will deliver the food to the needy person. The location of this needy person will get by the request of this person in the Receiver module.

Motivation and Scope

Mostly people when they want to donate some food they are in looking for some bagger to safe their food from waste while in restaurants they also waste food in daily routine. So, we want to safe the food waste and provide food to the hungry people and different food banks and different NGO’s where people are feed.

Internet and smartphone is the major invention of this age and people are moving towards it very extensively so in that perspective our application will have the greatest scope in market. We are also using GPS system in our application which is the very fine feature of smartphone so it also plays a major role in increasing the scope of our application.    

Goals and Objectives

  • User-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Less Time Consuming
  • Provide a fast-tracking system
  • Provide accuracy as compare to different applications
  • Change cultural of the bagging system

Our major goal is to provide a platform for food donating and people can easily donate their foods and we provide this food to different food banks and to the hungry people with the help of volunteers.

This application provides a source of communication between different services that are working on the same mission. It will increase efficiency and will create awareness among people for using technology in the best way as it should be used. As countries in the first world are transforming every aspect of technological advancement.

Future Work

Our future work will be fixing the problem of people to donate food. Each Donor or Receiver will have its own record. This will make managing the volunteers easier for people who are new in the record. We will make Web application to provide more ease to the users. In the future, this app would also be available on the IOS platform. We will overcome the location inaccuracy problems of the users in Google Maps.

Tools and Technologies

  1. Android programming
  2. Java programming 
  3. Firebase database
  4. Android studio
  5. XML
  6. Google Map API

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