This project Deliver Maintenance depends on delivering maintenance through an android application. The application will be designed in such a way that it actually provides Electrical Services at homes. Just to demonstrate the nature of our Final year project we have initiated our application’s structure with the electrical domain only but we have also considered other domestic domain in our application once the basic hierarchy has been developed for our application, also this work can be applied to all other related domain with minor changes.

The purpose of the project is to provide services for people at their home so they don’t have to go outside seeking for the respective service provider. The project also aims to provide comfort to the Customer and service provider. We tend to develop our application using the latest tools and technologies for better results.

Introduction Deliver Maintenance

Ever since the application industry has evolved, In the world many application developers have stepped up and developed the applications belonging to different categories. Our idea for this application basically belongs to the services provider and gaining category. Our project aims to provide the facility of delivering maintenance using a smartphone. Our application idea can be elaborated as follows:

As you know in this age of technology, people are using the facility of internet from shopping to eating. You don’t want to go out of your home. For example, you are at your home and your refrigerator is out of order. You want a repairman to come at your home without you going outside the home to call him. So basically our application gives the service without you going outside the home. We provide two options in the application named as “Service seeker” and “Service Provider”. In order to work, both should have this application installed with their Location Service enabled. The “Service seeker” will see the location of the “Service Provider” nearest to his home and post the Query on the application and “Service Provider” will reply to that query by fixing the cost and time on the application. So the customers get comfort because “Service provider” will come at home and solve the query. The target audience of this application will be everyone because everyone wants to solve their queries at home.

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Application Features

You can select either Service Provider or Service Seeker in the initial based on your requirement.

• In both options you will make your profile, enter your phone number and verify your account we will send “verifying code” on your phone number.

 • You can add query at any time.

 • Our application will be linked with the location services provided by the telecommunication company.

 • This application is free of cost for everyone to use.

Motivation and Scope

This project will help to promote the application development in Pakistan. The thought behind developing this application is to make people aware about the ongoing development in the field of IT for making their livelihood easier. Once the application gets launched, people will tend to create such more applications related to the domestic use and professional use in various other fields.

 Now a days, developing applications and launching them is a very necessary skill to learn because it covers all the aspects of designing an environment and then scripting it using a programming language to actually live in it.

On average, if we search for a service application on android play store we can’t find average reviews and cannot find any specific application for it. Our goal is to inspire other application developers via this project. The number of smart phone users out there are in a big amount, by developing this application and releasing it on different platforms like Windows, Android etc. We can attract many people towards it. In this way, the application industry in Pakistan will be promoted. Moreover, our motivation is also to play our role in promoting the application industry of Pakistan and making it competitive. Downloading application on smart phone or PC has become very common these days so the scope of this project is very wide.

Related Work

Deliver Maintenance application based on “Service provider” and “Service seeker” can help you to increase your income or to give you the comfort of finding the right person for your issue that fits your choice and perform different tasks with it. An application like Mr. Electric, in-house electric etc. provides users a suitable service experience. Uber is also related to this but in that, you can take traveling services from it. The application is available on the Android Store.

Goals and Objectives

Following are the Goals and Objectives of our project:

  • To utilize our smartphones in such an effective way that we can get maximum benefits out of it. By using them in a more smart way so our daily routine task can be performed in a more systematic way.
  • Promote services with the help of this application in such a way that everyone can actually use this application.
  • The basic objective of this project is to facilitate human by tackling some everyday life problems faced by Electric users and to bring smart phone in good use. In this way we will be able to get fruitful benefits of smart phones with greater configurations.
  • Our object is to develop such a application which will help us in our daily life to save our time and will provide us luxury as well. 

System Architecture

As a sample our flow chart is given below:

Future Work

This project is very vast and has great flexibility of expansion regarding future needs. We can add different services in future like (Plumber, Gardener) etc. Our aim is to improve the living standards by providing services. We will add further services in app through future updates once our app has been launched on platforms like windows, android etc. This will help us to improve our work and learn new tactics to build the application.

Tools and Technologies

  • We will use Android, XML language for coding.
  • We will use Android Studio software for our Android application.
  • For UML diagrams we will use MS Visio.
  • We will use GUI interface in it.
  • We will use MYSQL database to store the users data.  


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