Clinic Objective and Problem Statement

  • Admin will have authority to register doctors to clinix application and assign them proper categories like (Heart specialist, Child specialist, General physician etc) by checking their relevant documents.
  • Users will access the clinix using internet in which user can find the doctors of a selected category book an appointment (Physical or virtual), user can see his/her prescription provided by the doctor.
  • The doctor will be able to add a medical record of the patient (Prescriptions) can add vaccinations as required by the user.
  • Registered Pharmacy can access the patient prescription provided by the doctor by patient ID.
  • Our main objective is to develop a user friendly application with user-friendly interface to help user interact easily with the system, the proposed application will be tested and validated according to the standards rules and regulations in order to make it a bug free application.
  • Once completed this application will be launched with full introduction user manual and all the other deliverables that required.

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Problem Statement

              In past few years we have seen that in Pakistan, most of the businesses are adopting the automation process and people are willing to use modern technologies like Uber and Careem people in this modern era will willingly adopt new technology if it bring comfort to their lives. The purpose of this idea is the fact that people’s routine is becoming hectic day by day because of which people do not have enough time to go through the long procedures for their routine medical check-up or visiting a doctor in case of diseases like Fever, headache and many more like that only because every person thinks like “It’s just fever take medicine (mostly used) have some rest and you will be fine soon instead of visiting a doctor and waiting several hours and the most important being physically present there” more over now a days most of the people spend most of their time on internet they will find themselves in a great ease if they can get medical help from their doctor from anywhere just by using their computer.

What we plan to do is to provide the user with a solution to the problem they are facing. It has always fascinated me to imagine that we can get almost everything online then why can’t we get some trusted medical help using the same technology.

We thoroughly reviewed these procedures to provide the users with a much more easy and simple way to manage his medical health while being so much busy with his/her professional life.

These were the general problems we shortlisted to deal with if we are to achieve a product that stands out from the rest.

Assumptions and Constraints

  • The proposed application will be available for free but users have to pay for medical services.
  • This application will be accessible on any device (Mobile/Computer) having internet connection.
  • The developer will provide the deliverables and achieve project milestones according to the project plan.
  • The propose application must be completed at the end of December.
  • No external hardware will be required to perform functionality of the hardware.

Project Motivation and Scope

As life is becoming very hectic day by day people are very busy in their professional life they never thought about their medical fitness, majority of the people never visit a doctor for routine check-up, people only visit doctor in worst situations because visiting a doctor wastes a-lot of time like first of all you have to find a doctor of some specific category like Throat, General physician, etc somehow if you are lucky enough to find a doctor then the second most irritating thing to book the appointment finding the number and contact him so we came up with a solution the clinixin our application you can book an appointment with your doctor (You also can select a doctor from the required category) and it’s not important to visit the doctor for a routine check-up when you will book the appointment we will provide you two option you can either book the physical appointment (Visiting the doctor by being physically present their for checkup) or you can book virtual appointment (not being physically present there) this appointment is for If you want to consult the doctor about your disease like fever, headache etc. In our application we are helping users by eliminating the irritating procedure of finding the previous medical records in the corners of their house when user books an appointment doctor will add his/her prescription and this record will be saved by our application and the prescription will also be displayed in user’s module, now whenever user visits again he/she won’t have to carry medical records doctor will have access to their records. Another feature that we bring to you is the vaccination system if any patient needs proper vaccinations or the newly born babies doctor will add vaccination intervals on first appointment and then the notifier will notify the users through email their next vaccination dates. Our registered pharmacy can access the patient’s prescriptions by entering patient-ID.

Before planning the scope of our application clinix we consulted our project charter we had group meetings at Comsats University Islamabad (CUI), Lahore Campus and consulted our supervisor Mr.Shahid Bhatti Expert in web application development after detailed discussion and meetings with group members we devised the following output plan.

In future we will be looking forward to implement this system in more depth by getting the real time data of our patients through sensors.

Dispatching sample collection units as required Electronic Reports  


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