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CSC Scholarship also knows as the Chinese Government Scholarship fully funded scholarships for international students willing to pursue their studies in China. For admission in Undergraduate, Graduate, and Ph.D. Prepare your documents as scholarships for thousands of students are about to be open in 250+ Chinses institutions.

With the cooperation of the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) presented thousands of scholarships every year, and now September is going to bring hundreds of fully-funded scholarships in more than 250 Chinses universities. For study under CSC scholarships, eligible students can apply by just submitting scholarship form and providing duplicates of documents required.

Basic Requirements for Chinese Government Scholarship

Host Country                      People’s Republic of China

Target Countries                International Students

Affiliated universities       250+ Chinese universities

Department                        All Departments

Language(s)                       English and Chinese

 Certificates                        IELTS or HSK certificates (Not mandatory)

Medical Certificate           Required

Award Specifications:

Undergraduate Graduate and Ph.D. students under CGS scholarships will get free tuitions, Chinese/English preparatory study, accommodation and medical insurance with a monthly stipend as described.

Level Stipend Duration Criteria Age
Bachelors CNY 2500 RMB/month Student should be a high school graduate <25 years
Masters CNY 3000 RMB/month 2-3 years max. Student should be a Bachelor’s degree holder <35 years
PhD CNY 3500 RMB/month 3-4 years max. Student should be a Master’s degree holder <40 years

Required Documents List (Duplicate)

Optional Documents for CSC Scholarship

  • Acceptance Letter
  • Students having an acceptance letter will be preferred by high ranked universities.
  • Note: Write an email to a professor at the host university for acceptance with your research interest.
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Character Certificate from your college or university
  • Curriculum vitae: 1-2 pages
  • Experience Letter: professional experience letter

Key steps:

Following steps are needed to complete your Scholarship form:

  1. CGS scholarship form should be downloaded from the CSC website and written in Chinese or English language.
  2. Recommendation letter from at least two teachers has to be uploaded at the CGS portal for application. Make sure to send a copy of the letter instead of the letter itself.
  3. Before starting with your application process get your required documents (diploma, degrees, and transcripts) attested from authorized public officers or a lawyer.
  4. Students can apply for scholarships through the CSC portal depending upon the universities’ deadline when scholarships will be announced.

Note for CSC Scholarship

  • In case of non-availability of provisional degree certificate can be used.
  • Hope certificate can be sued in case of a remaining degree.
  • Semester result cards can be used instead of the transcript at application submission time but make sure to get a transcript before applying for a visa.
  • Attested documents other than in Chinese or English language should be translated in either of the language and attached.
  • IELTS or HSK certificates provision is not mandatory but the provision of them will enhance chances of getting a scholarship. English proficiency certificate from last university stating student’s last university was completed in the English language should be provided.
  • The medical examination form can be downloaded from Carry out mentioned tests from nearby government hospital stamp your picture from the doctor and attach that picture with form photocopy.
  • Research paper abstract consisting of 800 words for MS programs should be provided with scholarship form. Abstract should be in English or Chinese language.
  • Apply for a passport and submit it with the CSC scholarship application form.
  • Photographs attached with application form can be blue or black background.
  • Police clearance form from local police station should be attached with the application form to ensure clearance of criminal records.  

Print online completed form attach all your important notarized documents and send the envelope to the desired university.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the Chinese Government Scholarship?

Students from all around the world are eligible for CSC Scholarship.

How to apply for CSC Scholarship?

Firstly, choose the university of your choice, apply for admission directly and provide important documents. The next step is to apply online at CGS scholarship portal by completing all steps and get a hardcopy of the final draft. In the end, Provide your documents to the desired university before the last date.

Where to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship?

You can apply for the scholarship online at CGS information management system for international students. For admission, apply to the university of your choice directly.

How to confirm if you win CSC Scholarship?

After reviewing documents CSC will choose most eligible candidates for the provision of scholarships, CSC will choose host university and scholarship for and candidate and send the admission documents to the university. Students will not be allowed to change the university after accepting university and coming to China.

Which Chinese government scholarships are currently open?

Scholarships will be open in September for more than 250 Chinese universities.

How to write a research proposal?

A research plan states your plan for the tenure you are going to stay in China as well as how you are going to use your CSC scholarship. It also states the area for your research interest for Graduate and Ph.D. programs. Moreover, the information in your study plan should be comprehensive and brief.

Where is the list of Chinese Universities offering CSC Scholarship?

Chinese universities offering CGS scholarships will be available on CSC official website along with details and the deadline for the application procedure.

Can you apply for CSC Scholarship in more than one University?

250+ Chinese universities are awarding CGS for international students and students can apply in as many universities as they want. The more universities to apply in the more your chances are to get accepted. You also need to apply for scholarships for each individual university. Moreover, you need to define priority for universities if you don’t than CSC will decide the best university for your program.

Where can I find the Chinese Universities without application fee for CSC Scholarship?

Some universities give ease to students to apply for admission without application fee the list of these universities is available on CSC official website for information.